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Welcome to Willow Springs Family Farm

July 22, 2009 - 2:41 pm 3 Comments
Handmade Patriotic Feather Tree

Handmade Patriotic Feather Tree

Welcome to Willow Springs Family Farm.  I’m Benita Giacherio.  If you collect ornaments or folk art, you might already know my sister Connie Porcher.  Her web sites and Celebrate365 magazine have been around for nearly ten years.  She helping me get things going.

Ornament collecting is genetic, isn’t it?  We always exchange them at Christmas and our mother was a great enabler.  She always put up a patriotic tree at Christmas.  Throughout the year, she always had several patriotic things on display and a wreath to greet visitors at the front door.  Dad created a flag memorial near the country road we live on.  We still maintain that.

I learned to make feather trees at a Dennis Bauer workshop during the winter.  The lessons “took” and I jumped in with both feet, as they say.  Dennis is a great teacher.  After my first “practice” tree at that workshop, I decided to make some patriotic versions.  Given my parents’ love for the Red, White and Blue, that was a natural choice!

The Willow Springs web site is still in its development stages.  I’ve made a lot of trees throughout the summer, though.  So, check page often as they are added online.  I’ll also be offering ornaments, stands and garlands suitable for different tree sizes.

I will be offering feather trees a bit differently than other web sites.  You’ll be able to “create your own” tree.  Why buy a stand with every tree?  I’ll be selling my trees WITHOUT a stand.  You choose the kind of stand you would like IF you need one.  That way, you can choose one stand and use it with a variety of tree colors.

Of course, eventually you will be able to custom order a tree online.  You’ll be able to choose a feather color, berry tip, etc.  You can even add different color feathers at the end of the branches, like I did with this little 18″ tree.

While we complete the site feel free to contact me by email with any questions you might have.  I’m going to spell this out to trick the spammers.  You’ll know how to change that!

Thanks for visiting.  Stop back soon!

Email: willowspringsfamilyfarm AT