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Where Has the Summer Gone?

August 11, 2011 - 5:12 pm No Comments

Can you believe it’s August already?  How did that happen?

This is the first year that I don’t have to shop for school supplies or clothes, I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Of course  I’m glad that I don’t have to spend all that money, but my babies are all grown up.  It’s going to be strange seeing the the buses and kids out and about and not be a part of it.  Before you know it, it will be Fall and the leaves will be changing.  With Fall comes football!  I like college the best, but watch NFL if the right teams are playing.  Yes, I live in Ohio.  No, I’m not a Buckeye fan.  With all that has happened to OSU this year, I wonder how they’ll do this year.  Who will be the best team in the Big 10?  I think Nebraska might have a shot.  How weird is it that Nebraska is now a part of the Big 10 now?  Since Michigan hasn’t been doing very well for a while, I might have to root for Nebraska.  

Another thing that happens in the Fall is my new favorite holiday…..Halloween!  Halloween was always fun when I was growing up, but I never really got in to it as an adult.  That all changed the first time I went to Ghoultide with my sister!



My sister, Connie Porcher, publishes the magazine Celebrate 365.  She features a lot of the folk-artists, like Nicol Sayre, Lori Rudolph and Scott Smith, and goes there to take pictures and discover what new artist.  Last year we had a booth in the “General Store” where she sold copies of her Halloween edition of the magazine, past and present.  We’ll be selling magazines again this year, but in a different location.  Because Ghoultide Gathering has become so popular, it has become a two day event!  It is in Northville, Michigan September 30 and October 1.  I hope to see you there!


You will find a large selection of Halloween items in my store, including jewelry by John Wind, K&K, Debbee Thibault and Art by Amy.  I will have some folk art and decorations arriving soon from Nicol Sayre, Elaine Roesle and others, so check back often!



Baby it’s cold outside…..

January 24, 2011 - 2:56 pm 1 Comment

I know it’s winter, but does it really have to be this cold for this long?  It was even cold and icy when in was at AmericasMart Atlanta!  Looking at the forecast, it’s finally going to “warm up” for a few days.  The overnight temps are going to be above 20 degrees through Friday.  Yippee!!!!

Getting back to Atlanta, I will be gradually adding new items to my store.  In addition to the lines that I already carry, I will be adding an additional line of jewelry and introduce some Folk Art.  Some of the new items should arrive shortly, but others will not be here until spring (sigh).  One of the lines I will have the pleasure of carrying is by Folk Artists Nicol Sayre.  I have seen and admired her work at Ghoultide Gathering the last two years.

There are a lot of pieces that need get get photographed and listed, so bare with me and check in often!

Time is Running Out!

October 25, 2010 - 2:17 pm No Comments

Halloween is almost here, are you ready?  Now through Wednesday at midnight you will receive a FREE upgrade to Priority Mail!!  Jewelry, tree, decorations, anything you want, even if it is not a Halloween item!  Choose your item(s) and checkout, normal shipping charges will be added, but it will get sent Priority and should arrive by Saturday.  As long as payment is received by 11:00am Thursday, your order will be shipped the same day.  While I cannot guarantee that your order will arrive by Saturday, in most cases it should.  

This tree was just completed and is only available by contacting me directly at   The Black Feathers of this 18 inch tree have been attached sparcely  to give the tree a Thorny, Spooky look.  Added some webs and spiders creating a Great Halloween Tree!  The tree will arrive as pictured with a black wooden base for $42 including shipping! 

Hurry before it’s too late!!!

Are you checking?

October 9, 2010 - 10:57 pm No Comments

I told you a few days ago that we were busy listing lots of items, and we still are.  If you don’t check in often, you just might miss out on a wonderful deal!  Do you love Halloween?  Then show everyone by wearing  Halloween Jewelry.  Choose vintage style by John Wind, or add some fun to your wardrobe with something from Art by Amy.  These items are priced below retail, and most items are limited or “one of a kind”, so don’t wait too long!

Remember to look at Halloween Decorations too.  In addition to my Feather Trees, which you special order, you will find garlands and items from artists Johanna Parker and Lori Rudolph.  I also have two adorable Halloween Snow Childrenfrom Elaine Roesle that haven’t been listed yet.  Make your choices quickly so you will have them before Halloween!

Still working on Halloween!

October 7, 2010 - 12:49 pm No Comments

I can’t believe how much Halloween jewelry I have accumulated!  In addition  to John Wind, which we still have more to add, I have some items of my own design!  Some of my jewelry incorporates framed pieces from Art by Amy, while others are a mix of beads and other pieces I have picked up here and there.  Once everything is listed, I have no doubt that there will be “something for everyone”– from simple to BOLD, and everything in between.  Please check back often as it will take us a few days to get it all listed.  Also, since most of these items are either the last available or one of a kind, once they are gone, they’re gone!! 

If jewelry is not your thing, I have Halloween Decorations for your Halloween Feather Tree.  Most of those items are already listed and ready to go, but I do have a few more to share with you.