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Where Has the Summer Gone?

August 11, 2011 - 5:12 pm No Comments

Can you believe it’s August already?  How did that happen?

This is the first year that I don’t have to shop for school supplies or clothes, I’m not sure how I feel about that.  Of course  I’m glad that I don’t have to spend all that money, but my babies are all grown up.  It’s going to be strange seeing the the buses and kids out and about and not be a part of it.  Before you know it, it will be Fall and the leaves will be changing.  With Fall comes football!  I like college the best, but watch NFL if the right teams are playing.  Yes, I live in Ohio.  No, I’m not a Buckeye fan.  With all that has happened to OSU this year, I wonder how they’ll do this year.  Who will be the best team in the Big 10?  I think Nebraska might have a shot.  How weird is it that Nebraska is now a part of the Big 10 now?  Since Michigan hasn’t been doing very well for a while, I might have to root for Nebraska.  

Another thing that happens in the Fall is my new favorite holiday…..Halloween!  Halloween was always fun when I was growing up, but I never really got in to it as an adult.  That all changed the first time I went to Ghoultide with my sister!



My sister, Connie Porcher, publishes the magazine Celebrate 365.  She features a lot of the folk-artists, like Nicol Sayre, Lori Rudolph and Scott Smith, and goes there to take pictures and discover what new artist.  Last year we had a booth in the “General Store” where she sold copies of her Halloween edition of the magazine, past and present.  We’ll be selling magazines again this year, but in a different location.  Because Ghoultide Gathering has become so popular, it has become a two day event!  It is in Northville, Michigan September 30 and October 1.  I hope to see you there!


You will find a large selection of Halloween items in my store, including jewelry by John Wind, K&K, Debbee Thibault and Art by Amy.  I will have some folk art and decorations arriving soon from Nicol Sayre, Elaine Roesle and others, so check back often!




January 8, 2011 - 11:33 am 1 Comment

It’s almost time for AmericasMart Atlanta, and I can’t wait!!  So many treasures are waiting to be discovered, what will I come home with?  I am anxiously awaiting to see Art by Amy and John Wind, my two favorite jewelers….. just hope my wallet survives!  I have been drooling over the new John Wind Catalog and know that everything will look even prettier in person.  While I like their gold jewelry, I’ve always been more of a “silver” person, they have FABULOUS silver items now!!!  How will I choose?  Amy’s booth is always crowded with people discovering unique “design your own” items.  There are baskets and trunks of bobbles and framed art, along with a variety of necklaces and bracelets for them to be attached too.  The fun in when you bring all of these pieces to the counter and watch them transform in front of your eyes as Amy, or one of the other designers, assemble them for you!  I am always amazed at how they turn out.  If you have seen something online that you like, or have an idea of something, email me and I will be happy to get something made for you.  I would also like to know if there is a particular piece from the John Wind line that you would like me to order.  I’m pretty sure that I will be spending a lot of time in these two booths, but will have to pull myself away to check out some of the other vendors.

What about ornament?!  Who will have that ornament that I will just HAVE to have?  Christina’s World, JingleNog, Radko, Joy to the World, Thomas Glenn or one of the other great lines?  Who is YOUR favorite designer?  While I do not carry all of these lines, I love “helping” my sister, Connie Porcher, of Celebrate 365 select her ornaments!  I know I had fun last year.

If there is anything, or anyone, that you think I should do or see there, drop me a line.  If you will be there, stop by the Snow Children booth as Elaine Roesel lets us use that as our “home base”.

Ghoultide Gathering

October 2, 2010 - 9:38 pm No Comments

Wow, what a great weekend so far!  Connie, Brenna and I had a blast at the 4th Annual Ghoultide Gathering in Northville, Michigan.  For those of you who don’t know, Connie is my sister and the publisher of “Celebrate 365″.  Brenna is my daughter, and recently graduated with a Masters Degree from Western Michigan.  It was wonderful to see everyone again, and also see their new creations.  I am in awe of all of the talent here and feel privilegedto be able to “rub elbows” with them…… maybe some of their talent will rub off on me!  Where do all of the ideas come from?! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Birmingham, Michigan for a Patricia Breen Event!


August 9, 2010 - 6:05 pm No Comments

Where has the summer gone?  Actually, the temperatures here are VERY summer like, but the time is flying by!  It’s hard to sit outside and enjoy nature when the heat and humidity so high, even in the evening.  How is your summer going?

Halloween is just around the corner and then Christmas…… I have SOOOOO much to do!  For those of you who are really in to Halloween, make sure you check out the 4th annual Ghoultide Gathering October 2nd in Michigan.  It features a lot of great folk artists of all styles, from traditional, to “way out there” and everything in between!  I was so amazed by the imagination to everyone when I went to my first one last year.  My sister, Connie Porcher, has featured many of these talented artists in Celebrate 365Hope to see you there!!

Busy, busy, busy!

March 1, 2010 - 12:23 pm No Comments

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been a busy little beaver.  I have been working on several projects while watching the Olympics.  In addition to my feather trees for the Halloween Convention, I have been dying and painting silk veils and scarves to sell this weekend at Belly Dance Kalamazoo.  They are holding workshops and selling Belly Dancing items there….. it should be a fun weekend.  My daughter, Brenna, has been Belly Dancing for exercise (and fun) and really enjoys it.  I made her a veil as an early Christmas present several months ago that featured stars on a back ground of purple hues.   In addition to veils and scarves, I will also have an assortment of jewelry to sell.

The count down is on for the arrival of the jewelry from John Wind!  It seems like we’ve been waiting for ever to get it, but it’s just that I’m so anxious to have it.  I’ve never been one to wear a lot of jewelry, usually just my wedding rings, the same old earrings and the necklace my husband got me years ago, but between Art by Amy and John Wind, I am now!  Instead of just throwing some clothes on and heading out the door, I now have to plan my outfit to go along with what jewelry I feel like featuring that day….. kind of a fun change of pace.

As for my husband, he is slowly getting his energy back.  We have going to the mall and walking around to get his exercise.  I’m not sure when he will feel strong enough to go back to work, but each day he’s getting better.  Thanks again to everyone for all your thoughts and prayers for him…. and to my sister, Connie, and Leslie Kirk for keeping up with my website!

That’s it for now….. have a lot of errands to run today (and more walking), and best of all, Brenna will be home for Spring Break today!